Kathleen Cahalan (past contributor)


Recent publications:

Calling in Today’s World: Voices from Eight Faith Perspectives
(Michigan: M.B. Eerdmans Publishers, 2016)

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Christian Practical Wisdom: What It Is, Why It Matters
(Michigan: M.B. Eerdmans Publishers, 2016)

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Opening the Field of Practical Tehology: An Introduction

(New York: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, April 2014)

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Introducing the Practice of Ministry

(Collegeville: Liturgical Press, August 2010)

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Formed in the Image of Christ:
 The Sacramental-Moral Theology of Bernard Häring, C.Ss.R.
(Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2004)

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Projects That Matter:
 Successful Planning and Evaluation for Religious Organizations
(Bethesda: The Alban Institute, 2003)

Recent articles:

Kathleen A. Cahalan and Gordon Mikoski, “Roman Catholic Pastoral Theology,” in Opening the Field of Practical Theology, eds. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2014.

Kathleen A. Cahalan and Bryan Froehle, “A Developing Discipline: The Catholic Voice in Practical Theology,” in Invitation to Practical Theology: Catholic Voices and Vision, ed. Claire E. Wolfteich. Mahwah: Paulist Press, 2014.

“Locating Practical Theology in Catholic Theological Discourse and Practice,” International Journal of Practical Theology, 15:1 (2011), 1-21.

“Reframing Knowing, Being, and Doing in the Seminary Classroom,” Teaching Theology and Religion, 14:4 (October 2011).

“Integration in Theological Education,” Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Practical Theology, ed. Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore. Wiley-Blackwell Pub., 2011.

“Pastoral Theology or Practical Theology? Limits and Possibilities,” in Keeping Faith in Practice: Aspects of Catholic Pastoral Theology, eds. James Sweeney, Gemma Simmonds, and David Lonsdale (London: SCM Press, 2010), 99-116.

“Beyond Pastoral Theology: Why Catholics should Embrace Practical Theology,” in Secularization Theories, Religious Identity and Practical Theology, eds. Wilhelm Gräb and Lars Charbonnier (Zurich: Lit Verlag GmbH & Co., 2009), 392-97.

“Teaching Practical Theology: Examining Six Sub-Disciplines,” with Carol Lakey Hess and Bonnie Miller-McLemore, International Journal of Practical Theology, 12/1 (November 2008), 80-87.

“Introducing Ministry and Fostering Integration: Teaching the Book-ends of the Masters of Divinity Program,” in For Life Abundant:  Practical Theology, Theological Education, and Christian Ministry, eds. Craig Dykstra and Dorothy C. Bass  (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2008), 91-115.

“Creating Space to Listen to God’s Call: Discernment in Youth Ministry,” in Growing Souls: Experiments in Contemplative Youth Ministry, ed. Mark Yaconelli (Zondervan, 2007), 148-169.


“Knowing that Comes through Practice: Contributions from Practical Theology,” and “Practicing toward Practical Wisdom: Growing in the Art of Ministry,” National Association of Catholic Chaplains, Webinar lectures, November 5 and 12, 2015.

Keynote speaker, Catholics on Call: Partners Conference, September 24-25, 2015, Catholic Theological Union; “The Call to Discipleship, the Vocation to Ministry,” and “Accompanying Our Callings: Practices of Prayer, Discernment, and Story-telling”.

Keynote speaker, Association of Theological Field Educators, Santa Fe, New Mexico: “Learning Ministry I: From Novice to Competent Practitioners,” and “Learning Ministry II: Toward Practical Wisdom,” January 23-24, 2015.

Smythe Lectures, Columbia Seminary, October 28-30, 2014, Called to Profess: Why Vocation Matters in the Work We Do”; “Toward Practical Wisdom: Integrative Teaching and Learning in Theological Education”; “Spiritual Practice for the Sake of Practical Wisdom: On Discernment, Humility, and Unknowing”.

“Overview of Pastoral and Practical Theology in the Catholic Context,”; “Models of Integration in Theological and Professional Education,” and “Integration in Theological Education Curriculums,” Association of Graduate Programs in Ministry, Tucson, AZ, February 6-8, 2014.

Retreats and Presentations:

School of Discernment, retreat leader, St. Paul Monastery, St. Paul, Minnesota, October 30-November 1, 2015.

“The Grammar of Vocation: Changing the Ways We Talk about Our Callings,” Sunday at the Abbey, April 12, 2015.

Workshop presenter, “Designing a Course for Integrative Teaching and Learning Friday,” Association of Theological Field Educators, Santa Fe, New Mexico, January 23, 2015.

School of lectio divina, retreat leader, St. Paul Monastery, St. Paul, Minnesota, March 28-April 2, 2014.

Other work available here.